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20 Sensory Visual Schedules

20 Sensory Visual Schedules

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Helpful sensory activities for challenging times of the day

Ever feel like you have no idea what sensory activities to use and when? These 20 sensory visual schedules give you a clear path for which to use for the most challenging times of the day: morning routine, going to the store, going to a party, school day, getting a haircut/going to the dentist/doctor, after school, and bedtime!

Print out these visual schedules and mix and match the activities as needed. Schedules include activities for seekers, avoiders, and kids with low registration. 


  • any sensory needs, quirks, or red flags.
  • difficulty paying attention, calming down, or focusing
  • a diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, or Autism
  • Can be used at home, school, in therapy, in social setting, or while traveling
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A 23 page PDF that includes 20 different visual schedules for 8 different routines. The routines have variations for avoiders and seekers. Some include a routine for kids with low registration and different ages such as toddler and school aged kids. Each schedule has 3 to 6 sensory activities included in it.


  1. Print on cardstock or regular paper and laminate. Optional to cut out each activity and create your own schedule.  
  2. Review the visual schedule with your child first and as you complete the activity show them what is coming next. For kids new to visual schedules start small with just 2 activities.
  3. Optional: Add magnets to the back of the activities for use on the fridge or velcro for placement on a velcro strip so they can easily be pulled off as each activity is completed or to create your own schedule.

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Frequently asked questions about this product?

Are these cards printable?

Yes! They are designed to be printer friendly. But, can be used digitally as well.  After purchase you will receive a link to download.

Do I need a printer?

No, you can send or give this to any printing store like The UPS Store, Fedex Store, or other options you may have locally.

I'm a therapist, can I use these cards in therapy?

Yes! They’re yours to use forever with your caseload. However, we ask you don’t share them with other professionals. Send them to our site so they can get their own set:)

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

This product is included as a bonus in the RISE with Sensory online course.

Customer Reviews

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20 Sensory Visual Schedules

Anita Faull, COTA/L
A Valuable Therapy Resource

These Visual Schedules are a great resource for me as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. In the first week after purchasing them, I used them to help 5 children!

Reisha Golden

20 Sensory Visual Schedules