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24 Cool Winter Sensory Activities

24 Cool Winter Sensory Activities

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Amazing sensory activities to take advantage of this winter!

These winter activities can be done with or without a cold climate. Lots of incredible ideas that will stimulate all your kids 8 senses, and ways to adapt for younger/older children as well as indoor/outdoor play. 

This printable pack also includes a sheet of winter animals to use in the “Animal Walks” sensory activity, as well as weekly planning templates so you can choose which activities you want to do when. 

The winter season has some surprising and unique sensory opportunities that can help regulate your child, and improve a variety of different areas in their development like fine motor skills, motor planning, executive functioning skills, and more! 

What’s inside the printable plan: 

  1. 24 separate sensory activities that are coded to let you know what areas of your child’s development they’re targeting. 
  2. A supply list for each activity, when applicable.
  3. Detailed instructions and sensory benefits of the activities
  4. How to make adaptations or variants of the activities
  5. 9 printable winter animal cards and an activity planning sheet
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1. Support Your Child’s Development - Set the groundwork for reading, improved attention, motor skills, and even improving picky eating.

2. Improve Their Sensory Processing - Designed to help your child improve their calm, focus, and decrease sensory sensitivities.

3. Combat The Effects Of Screentime - Interactive and fun, these activities will get your kids moving and stimulate their brain in new ways.


  • A 35 page PDF that you can download or print that includes 24 sensory activities, supply list, detailed instructions, benefits of participating in these activities, and how to make adaptations.

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Frequently asked questions about this product?

What age is the Winter Sensory Activities and Planner Pack geared towards?

24 Cool Winter Sensory Activities can be used for kids 2 to 12. For the youngest and oldest of kids, you may have to make some adaptations, which we share when applicable within the activity instructions.

Who’s this pack for?

Perfect for parents wanting to maximize the winter whether they want to enhance their child’s development or support their child’s sensory needs.

It’s also great for occupational therapists, speech therapists, developmental therapists, physical therapists and other professionals working with kids that are looking for fresh ideas in treatment, and do-able suggestions to give parents for treatment follow through.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

Customer Reviews

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Erin Nassichuk
Love this package and hope for more

Another awesome sensory pack! Hope to see more new ones throughout the year. Would like to see some more specialized packages based on individual needs such as a heavy work pack, interoceptive or proprioceptive pack.