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Dinner Conversation Cards for Families

Dinner Conversation Cards for Families

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30 Printable Cards to Use During Dinner, Lunch, or Breakfast with Your Child

Lots of kids don’t want to come to the table for dinner, or any other meal. Or, meals are filled with complaining, whining, or fidgety wiggles.  These conversation starters for families keep kids engaged in the meal, create a positive association with eating, and can foster a deeper connection with your child. 

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7 page PDF of 30 different cards, each includes a question and a simple graphic.


  1. Download file after purchase
  2. Print on cardstock (Use a personal printer or upload file to store that prints documents such as The UPS Store or FedEx Office Print).
  3. Cut out cards and place them in a stack on the table during a meal you’re eating with your child.  
  4. Pull one card off the top at a time or have your child randomly select a card.
  5. As you eat, read a card and listen as your child shares their answers. Everyone at the table can answer the question, this will give your child a chance to eat and develop listening skills.

Collapsible content

Collapsible content

Frequently asked questions about this product?

Are these cards printable?

Yes! They are designed to be printer friendly. But, can be used digitally as well.  After purchase you will receive a link to download. 

Do I need a printer?

No, you can send or give this to any printing store like The UPS Store, Fedex Store, or other options you may have locally.

I'm a therapist, can I use these cards in therapy?

Yes! They’re yours to use forever with your caseload. However, we ask you don’t share them with other professionals. Send them to our site so they can get their own set:)

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

This product is included in the 8 Week Meal Planning Pack when it’s purchased in conjunction with Mealtime Works. It is NOT included in the 8 Week Meal Planning Pack available in this shop.

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