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8 Week Meal Plan for Picky Eaters

8 Week Meal Plan for Picky Eaters

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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are planned for you with special directions for serving food in this weekly meal plan for picky eaters!

This menu plan is designed to introduce and systematically expose your kids to new foods, while keeping meal prep simple for YOU with detailed preparation instructions for picky eaters and simple recipes.

What’s Inside this Printable Pack:

  • 8 Weeks of Meals for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Preparation and recipe guide for each meal of the menu plan
  • Shopping list template
  • Menu Plan template
  • Quick Menu Planner Cheat Sheet Pack with lists of ideas for future planning
  • Snack and Healthy Dessert Lists
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  1. You’ll learn how to adapt and include your picky eaters' favorite foods which is a powerful strategy for helping them to eat new foods. 
  2. You don’t get bogged down trying to figure out how to have one well-rounded family meal that isn’t hard to make! 


  1. PDF of 8 Weeks of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that includes  meal prep ideas and recipes, when applicable, for each meal on the menu plan
  2. PDF of a shopping list template, menu plan template, and a bank of food ideas to create your own menu plan
  3. PDF of a snack and healthy dessert list

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Frequently asked questions about this product?

My child is REALLY picky, what if this doesn’t include the foods they eat?

There’s no way we could create a menu plan that would be perfect for all picky eaters since they are each so unique. However, there are some common tendencies and the plan leverages those.

The intention is not that your child will eat everything at every meal, but that you begin to expose them to different foods while serving the rest of your family well rounded meals.

This creates an important balance and a shift of focus away from what your child is/isn’t eating at meals.

The meal plan includes some key picky eating tips to make sure that your child’s picky eating needs are met for every single meal. That might mean including an additional side dish or altering the menu plan.

Can I share this meal plan for picky eaters with my friend?

When you purchase this menu plan it is for single use only. We ask that you follow the copyright and keep the menu plan for one household use.

Will this work for my child that’s gluten free? Dairy free?

Yes! Alisha, the creator is gluten-free/dairy-free herself and has a dairy-free child. While gluten is included in some meals, substitutions and suggestions are made for those meals in the Preparation Guide. And, there are a variety of meals and recipes that are already gluten-free and dairy-free.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

Customer Reviews

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Thank You

“I want to thank you so much for creating the 8 week meal plan, it is exactly the help I needed to get my kids out of the eating rut we found ourselves in. I was asking them what they wanted to eat all the time and short order cooking. When one of my children started rejecting foods that were her favorites, I knew something had to change. I was cooking the same things over and over again. I wanted to give my kids more veggies but I did not have a plan. We are only on day 2 of week 1, nevertheless we have been enjoying meal times together again, and I love that they are being exposed to so many foods in a non-overwhelming way.”


Love it .

Jamie Nunes
Very helpful

It’s been so nice to have this meal plan! I’ve been meaning to get back in to weekly planning my family’s meals and this was just the help I needed. It’s very easy to use and includes recipes and shopping list templates. I like the blank meal planning sheet too so I can input my own ideas and things I know my family likes and plan in times when we will be eating out.


“Thank you so much, I just bought this! It is like you knew what was missing in my life and that of most families! I have been planning to do this myself at some point, because I know that mealtime is so much easier when there is a meal plan, so this was exactly what I needed…a reference to look at to make my planning easier!
Thanks again for helping ease my mental load!”