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Sensory Diet Cards

Sensory Diet Cards

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A Powerful Tool to Help Kids with Their Sensory Needs

Sensory Diet Cards are a favorite tool among OT’s because they allow a child to choose which sensory activity will be most helpful to them with a clear and simple visual.

Get 60 printable sensory diet cards to print and use with your kid. Perfect to help kids calm and focus!


  • any sensory signs, quirks, or red flags.
  • difficulty paying attention, calming down, or focusing
  • a diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, or Autism
  • Can be used at home, school, in therapy, in social setting, or while traveling
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PDF of 60 sensory diet cards, includes an optional “tips” for each activity that’s can be printed on the back of each activity, as well as instructions for use


  1. Print on cardstock and cut out cards (optional to print with a double side that includes tips for each sensory activity)
  2. Choose the cards that you think will be the most helpful (older kids can help with this)
  3. Add magnets for fridge, velcro for a velcro strip, or place in a basket, jar, or bucket
  4. Prompt your child to take one before or when sensory needs arise
  5. Encourage your child to use the cards independently

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Collapsible content

Frequently asked questions about this product?

Are these cards printable?

Yes! They are designed to be printer friendly. But, can be used digitally as well.  After purchase you will receive a link to download.

Do I need a printer?

No, you can send or give this to any printing store like The UPS Store, Fedex Store, or other options you may have locally.

I'm a therapist, can I use these cards in therapy?

Yes! They’re yours to use forever with your caseload. However, we ask you don’t share them with other professionals. Send them to our site so they can get their own set:)

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

This product is included as a bonus in the RISE with Sensory online course.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ann Saunders
A good resource

Unfortunately when I came to print the resource back to back, the margins on the 2 sheets didnt line up. This made the printing visually poor and messy. Is there a way that the margins can be realigned?

Päivi Nordberg
Sensory Diet Cards

The tool makes it easier to get parents to understand the challenges related to sensory regulation and to try methods. I think the cards are suitable for all ages.

I am very happy to have such a tool for my work. Thanks for that!

Kelli Dosil

These cards are incredibly easy for young children to use and I love that there are SO many options available for them!

Laila S.

Incredibly well thought out! Love the directions, descriptions, and I look forward to using these cards with my son! And hopefully other children that need care too :)

Chantaul B.
Great Resource

The images are very simple, clear, and of good quality. I appreciate the directions also offered! Easy for parents and professionals