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The Therapist Sensory Handout Collection

The Therapist Sensory Handout Collection

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12 digital, printable expert therapeutic articles in sensory processing to help parents understand and follow through with treatment.

These printable articles have been created from the most popular and helpful blog posts written by occupational therapist, Alisha Grogan, and for the first time made available for purchase with full copyright privileges. That means that you can either print or digitally share these articles with anyone on your caseload forever as a parent education handout for sensory integration

For less than 3$ an article, there is no expiration or amount of times you can share or print with clients.

What Articles are Included...

  1. Bilateral coordination
  2. Crossing midline
  3. The vestibular sense and activities
  4. The proprioceptive sense and activities
  5. Interoception
  6. 100+ Sensory diet activities
  7. Sensory integration
  8. What is a sensory diet
  9. Understanding and identifying retained primitive reflexes
  10. Sensory dysregulation
  11. Sensory Tricks to Help kids sleep
  12. Improving sensory sensitivities
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  • One PDF’s, with 12 sensory related articles.
  • Option to download all 12 articles individually so that you can share articles digitally as well.

Collapsible content

Collapsible content

Frequently asked questions about this product?

How many times can I share or reproduce these articles?

As many as you want, forever. No limits and no expiration in this one time purchase.

I’m a teacher, psychologist, or physician. Can I share these?

Yes, if you have an active caseload or classroom you can share these articles with the families you’re servicing. They’re especially helpful for OT’s because they directly correlate to sensory and feeding therapy. But, if you want to supplement or also treat in these areas the handout collection would be great for you too!

Please note that these articles aren’t to be used in the creation of another product, online coaching, or a course.

All the therapists in my private practice want access to the collections, is there a group rate?

Please reach out to us at if you’d like pricing for purchasing these handouts for an entire school, institution, or clinical practice. The pricing on this page is for individual therapist use.

Are there physical copies of the handouts?

This is a digital product. You will not receive any physical copies of the handouts. However, you will receive each file individually so you can share via email or text, as well as in one master doc so you can easily print out multiple copies and have them on hand. 

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.